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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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greig. right now at 6:00 a.m., subzero wind chills with butter cold this morning. what we will rebound later this afternoon. and president obama ready to take executive action on gun control. the local leader who will be with him today. new england taking center stage in campaign text. it was bill clinton wants team to know about his wife. and details about tom brady's injury and what the patriots quarterback is saying about it this morning. good morning. great to have you here with us. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. it's a very cold tuesday, january 5th out there. want to get you right over to danielle with a check of our weather.
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>> yeah, it does. >> absolutely. the cold hands, you have to have the gloves, hat, scarf this morning, you guys. the wind chill is subzero this morning. 8 below at logan airport. 12 below zero in nashua and worcester. single digits in the cape and islands, as well. 8 degrees in boston. we were 9 degrees on march 6th. it's the coldest reading in 10- 3 in worcester. teens to around 20 in the cape. that's where the wind is whipping around and that's where we have ocean effect snow showers impacting parts of eastern plymouth county, southern plymouth county, i should say and back down to the cape. near white horse beach, we have pockets of light snow. it's reducing visibility. near the cape cod canal, back to wareham now, and back around the cape, light for the most
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use caution on the kwame and the he cape and the islands. bright sunshine later on. sunrise at 7:13. mostly sunny, around 20 by midday lunch hour. the cape snow ends, but the real-feel in the teens through the course of the afternoon today. let's get on the roads this morning. traffic and weather together, robi. >> the ocean effect snow you're talking about is causing slowdowns south of the city now. down on route 3 south in the plymouth stretch between clark road and the sagamore bridge, the snow creating poor visibility and slippery earth conditions down there. closer to the city from the south, route 3 northbound boggs down between union street and the split. 128 southbound, heavy from logan express to the split. and from the north, 93 southbound has heavy pockets between methuen and andover and
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wooburn. chris and kathryn? >> thank you, robi. developing news overnight, police searching for a 33-year- old man they believe set this bus on fire. officials now say 17 people were killed and more than 30 injured when that bus burst into flames early this morning in northern china. happening today, boston mayor marty walsh will join president obama in washington as the president lays out his plans for gun control. >> president obama is planning to sidestep congress and issue an executive order. susie steimle is live at city hall plaza with a closer look at the plans. good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn. this is something that president obama said he's wanted to do since the newton shootings took place and that's implement tougher gun regulations in the united states. today, mayor marty walsh will leave boston and head to washington, d.c. to support the president as he does just that. in the first move of his final year, president obama will go
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tougher to get a hold of guns. critics have been quick to say the restrictions won't stop mass murders. to that, the president responded -- >> this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country. it's not going to prevent every mass shooting. it's not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal. . it will potentially save lives in this country. >> reporter: the regulations will require gun dealers, including online and at gun shows, to be licensed and conduct background checks, change a federal privacy rule to keep people with mental health restrictions from possessing guns and hire 230 fbi employees to process background checks 24/7. republicans gunning for the presidency say this action is reversible. >> it's not constitutional. and i am confident the courts will reject his attempts to do that. >> he has a phone and he has a pen. but if you live by the pen, you
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>> reporter: the president has also said he wants to add an additional 5 hundred million $500 million to improve mental health care in this country. all of this will be discussed at a white house event today. we're live in boston city hall plaza, susie steimle, "wbz this morning." >> thank you, susie. employees at the site of a terror attack last month are back to work. a memorial was held yesterday for the 14 people who were killed at the social service center in san bernardino, california. author and pastor rick warren urged employees not to bottle up their grief and become bitter. instead, warren told them to accept help from others when they need it. and mbta riders may want to tell the "t" to take a hike. officials talking about a persist. nicole jacobs is live in quincy this morning with the details and what riders are saying. nicole, good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you, kathryn. the big question is whether or not this is the right time for
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especially as we enter into the winter temperatures that have given the "t" such trouble. today is another test for the mtba as temperatures dip the lowest this season. >> awful. and it's the worst i've ever seen. >> reporter: a common sentiment for riders reflecting upon last winter's woes with transportation, now having to weigh a possible hike in fares. >> it's the wrong year to do it since last year, about this time, they didn't run at all. so, it's a little frustrating to get to work. >> reporter: the fiscal control board's public monday meeting made for candid conversation. >> what is going to be until we get another doomsday scenario? >> reporter: as a 5 to 10 percent increase is on the table. >> if it's not benefiting the people, they shouldn't raise it. >> reporter: but the money has transportation officials, but from where is the question. >> the budget document that
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working with assumes a 5 percent fare increase across the board, so if in the end the board were to decide not to, th'd have to find savings elsewhere in the budget. >> reporter: if there is a fare hike, it would go into effect in july. we're live in coincidency, nicole jacobs, "wbz this morning." >> thank you, nicole. 6:07 now. today, we expect to hear more allegations that students were sexually abused at a prestigious rhode island prep school. four alumni of st. george's school in newport will reports that the school ignored claims of sexual misconduct. that counters the school's own investigation that found no wrongdoing. four alleged victims have reportedly come forward. many say they were molested by a former athletic trainer during the school -- at the school during the '70s and '80s. now, that complaint claims two staff members admitted having sex with two students. the current administration
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the school failed to contact police as required by law. there is no statute of limitations for rape in rhode island. if you spank your children, you can be denied a chance at being a foster parent. that's the decision from the state's highest court. gregory and melanie of fitchburg sued after the department of children and families denied their application to be foster parentst. the couple admitted spanking -- admitted to spanking their biological children, but promotionth not to -- promotioned not to spank any foster child. the court ruled for the child welfare agency, saying the state has to protect foster children. whitey bulger's long time girlfriend is expected to plead guilty to new charges. catherine greig will admit to one count of contempt. the two were captured in california in 2011. greig is serving a term for
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campaign text now. 2016 now. former president bill clinton hitting the campaign trails to summit his wife as donald trump rallies republicans here in massachusetts. bree has a closer look at the action. boy was there action, bree. >> reporter: yes, kathryn. it's a mad dash to the early primaries and we're seeing a big push here in new england among the front runners. one thing is certain, both certainly know how to play to their audiencest. >> i love tom brady. that is the coolest shirt. i've got get one of those shirts. >> reporter: if you didn't know, trump thinks brady is a total winner. >> tom brady injured is still better than anybody else. people are tired and are sick of the stupidity we're seeing coming out of washington. if let's say hillary is president, ayyy, uhhhh. [ booing ] >> four more years of obama, that's what you call it. >> reporter: hillary clinton is
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husband and former president to deliver a serious message to new hampshire. >> in all probability, the next president of the united states will make between 1 and 3 appointments to the united states supreme court. and i know who i want doing that. >> reporter: the emphasis for clinton? experience and track record. >> when she was secretary of state, she negotiated those sanctions on iran and unbelievably got russia and china to sign off on it. i didn't think she could do that. [ laughter ] >> on the docket today, trump heads to new hampshire where many republican opponents are also making appearances, they include carly fiorina, jeb bush, chris christie and john kasich. >> thank you. a local woman's heartbreaking plea. >> she says her dogs were stolen days after she got out of the hospital and she needs your help finding them. plus, some little babies finally heading home.
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and ahead, a former bruin celebrating a milestone, only 18 other players ever reached. and, danielle, it is cold out there this morning. >> it certainly is, kathryn. bundle up the kids and yourself, too. temperatures in the single digits. wind chills below zero. we rebound into the 20s this afternoon, but it feels like the teens. going through the next couple of days, i will tell you when we warm back up. you can see live in boston, international space station, by the way, slides by in five minutes. look up if you're outside. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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for the first time, three identical triplets are waking up at home. >> ashley, kinsley and savannah were released yesterday. they're beautiful. the parents admit they're outnumbered and have ankle bracelets on the babies to tell them apart. the odds of having identical female triplets range from 1 in 60,000 to 1 in 2 million. i wonder if they will buy a powerball ticket. oh, they're beautiful. i love the boxes. >> hopefully they're bundled up this morning.
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let's check on the weather this morning. and danielle said if you run to the car, there is a cool thing up in the sky, if you can take a second to look up. >> yes, you don't want to like deliberately go outside to look up, but if you're going to the car, the international space station is flying by a minute from now. it's going to appear very ebright in the sky. it will be visible for six minutes. traveling from the west/southwest and then over to the northeast. so keep an eye out if you're going to the car. look up this morning. you don't want to be outside if you don't have to be, though. real-feel is 8 below zero in boston. 12 below zero in worcester. subzero wind chills all the way back down to taunton. the wind is adding the additional bite to the air. sustained wind in boston now is 13 miles per hour. the sustained wind in provincetown is 8 miles per hour. 44-mile-per-hour gusts now in nantucket. the wind is whipping around.
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temperature in worcester. same in keane. 8 in boston. the other big story is the snow. snowfall totals, 2.5 inches in pembroke. kingston, right about the same. plymouth, 2.1. marshfield, 2 inches. it range for a lot of the rest of us, it is very localized. a trace in some spots to an inch in others. here's the western fringe now. hugging marshfield to ducksbury. there's the flurries. the deeper blues, right near the south side of plymouth down near the cape cod canal,borne, we get light snow, reducing visibility. it will be slick to the outer cape. these don't taper off until midday early afternoon. so there may be an additional coating to as much as an inch or so, where we get the light snow coming down, particularly right near the cape cod canal
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county. otherwise when you get outside of these snow showers, the skies are clear and there's a big area of high pressure. it will be in control of our weather for several days. so, pretty quiet stretch through the end of the week with a rebound in temperatures heading into the day tomorrow. we will rebound today, but it takes time, so the real feel is around 0 degrees, through mid- to late morning. sage digits readings until 10:00, 11:00 a.m., feeling like the teens through the afternoon, maybe around 20 at the warmest time of the day and by the evening, it will feel like the teens, as well. we drop back into the teens tonight. not as cold as this morning. the wind won't be as strong and look at that, we rebound into the 40s during the day tomorrow, which will feel balmy compared to this afternoon. sun and clouds, 44 tomorrow, 42 on friday, and then a couple of showers possible this weekend. it will be a little bit uncemented, as well. traffic and weather together, robi.
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international space station. so, jason bacon is out there. give him props, you know, being out, shooting the camera up -- >> i think he's shooting the camera out the window. >> there it is. he's got a dot on a black piece of paper. no, it's pretty cool. >> very bright this morning with the clear skies. >> he's not even shaking that much, too. shaking bacon. >> that's his twitter handle. he's not shaking at all. i love it. first accident of the morning right now is north of the city, dab yell. let's look at the maps. the crash is on 93 southbound at montvale avenue. the shoulder is blocked there. 93 south boggs down between river road and daskam road. route 1 south crawl between 95 and the jug handle lights. and the cane, that snow -- the cape, that ocean snow effect you've been talking about all morning, danielle, is slowing things south of the city. down on route 3 southbound between clark road and plymouth and the sagamore bridge, poor visibility down there.
6:19 am
closer to the city, the expressway northbound, bumper- to-bumper, stop and go between logan express and the split. chris and kathryn? >> thank you, robi. 6:18 now. trouble for commuter rail customers this morning. the mbta says an out of service train derailed in andover, causing delays on the haber line. busing is in place for two stations. and two trains on the fitchburg and lowell lines were canceled because of problems there engines a brockton woman heartbroken. she believes someone stole her dogs. the yorkshire terriers went missing on sunday. >> the owner is pleading for the dogs' return. >> yes, security cameras on a building next to the dog owner's apartment don't show the dogs running away. the cameras show two cars pulling into a nearby alleyway before the expensive yorkies
6:20 am
>> they're just incredible dogs. they really are. they're more like a therapy dog for me than they are just a pet. >> reporter: nicole innocent lives with lupus and spent days in the hospital last week. >> i had surgery so i couldn't go down the steps with them. >> this is where i was. and i sat -- i sat in that chair. >> reporter: sunday afternoon, she took 2-year-old m&m and 9- month-old chi chi outside. >> i could hear them and then i was like, all right, it's time to go in. but they never came. >> in two minutes, they vanished. maybe by a car passing by. >> i have a funny feeling that one of them took the dogs and, you know, tried to get money for them. they're expensive dogs. >> she says the 5-pound dogs have never once wandered off, but she's terrified that they're gone for good. >> i don't think they're going to come back. if somebody took them, i don't think they're going to come back.
6:21 am
said she reported the incident to brockton's animal control. back to you. >> thank you, bree. 6:20 now. coming up, the latest on tom brady's injury. >> and what the quarterback is saying about it this morning. and a former bruin marking a milestone, celebrating something only 18 others have earned. stay with us. you're watching "wbz this morning." (buzzer) hey, you're a lucky guy. you'll probably win the jackpot. (bell) any role in slot machines. the odds of winning are the same every time you play. if you lose money, just keep playing. you'll win it back.
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yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo welcome back. a major milestone for a former brian last night. he scored his 6 hundredth goal of his career. he's the 19th player in the nhl to reach that mark. the avalanche beat the l.a. kings 4-1 and can't you hear
6:24 am
can't get players like that? we had them once before. >> 600. >> 600 goals. that's a great accomplishment. all right, the celtics looking to bounce back after dispointing losses. and we have the latest on tom brady's injuries. steve burton has your early- morning sports. >> tom brady is banged up, we know that. he was limping after sunday's loss in miami, but other than 2008 when he tore up his knee, he's never missed a game since becoming a starter. he's as tough as they come. when he hurt his legs, it could have been the season, but he has a sprained right ankle. he gave a status update yesterday morning to dennis and callahan. >> i've had worse, so , you know, i've had -- i've had plenty of worse injuries than this one. i'll just work hard to get the right treatment. i've always department with injuries. i'm very confident i know how to deal with injuries. i'll do everything i can to be out there. there's nothing else in my life that's as priority at this
6:25 am
know, to feel like i'm 100 percent. >> the dolphins asked the pats permission to interview josh mcdaniels and matt patricia for their head coaching job. and the lions got permission to talk to bob quinn about the gm opening. and to the celtics and knicks in brooklyn. james crowder came out of the gate red hot. remember how rodder used to let the ball roll at the end of the clock, marcus smart wasn't letting that happen. grabs it, forcing a jump ball, check out the replay, huh? how great was that. next, they hang around, but cs held on. a hoop and a foul. and then the flex. got to have the flex. career high 24 points on the night for him. celtics win it, 103-94.
6:26 am
game tonight, hosting the washington capitals at the garden. guys, over to you. 6:26 now. a lot more coming up in the next half hour, a closer rook newspaper. and mark zuckerberg's for women. and a local couple told they can't be foster parents because they believe in spanking. it's our daily talker. keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation,
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value. right now at 6:30, a french magazine is planning to mark the first anniversary of a deadly terror attack. and gun control, the local leader will be with president obama today. unfair. raise prices. and a bitterly cold start. subzero wind chills. when we make a rebound later on this afternoon. good tuesday morning to you. 6:30 right flow. i'm chris mckinnon.
6:30 am
now. we've been talking about it over and over. >> it hits you. >> it smacks you, we were saying. >> it's the coldest we've been since the end of february, beginning of march. so it's been a while. it should be a shock to the system when you step out the door this morning. it's always the wind, isn't it, you guys? the real feel now is 12 below zero. 12 below in worcester. 12 below in keane. 8 below in boston. 6 below in nashua, lawrence, portland, maine. single digits on the cape and island, as well. 8 in boston. last time we were this cold was at the end of february, actually. 9 degrees was the closest on march 6th. it's been nearly 10 months. 3 degrees, worcester to keane. clear skies overhead, except for the one glaring exception, the cape and islands, we have ocean effect snow showers ongoing from plymouth back down to the cape. it's light for the most part and just had a tweet from a
6:31 am
doing okay in plymouth. take it slow, use caution. south pond to white horse, we have areas of snow that extend intoborne and sandwich, then back around to the outer cape to generally light. it is frankly over the cape cod canal and even at that, visibilities not all that reduced. the wind is gusty, though, and temperatures don't rise out of the single division until late morning. 20 by lunchtime. real-feel in the teens. any leftover snow on the cape ends, 23 for the ride home. the sun sets at 4:26. we will talk more coming up. let's go to the roads, traffic and weather together. robi? >> danielle, hearing about a multicar accident, west of boston. let's look at the map, it's out in acton. route 2 eastbound at route 27. total traffic network says multiple vehicles involved, not hearing about a significant backup just yet. and to the north, we had an earlier accident in wooburn, 93 southbound at montvale avenue. that's causing a stop and go
6:32 am
to the south, the expressway, bumper-to-bumper. 128 south, you crawl between logan express and the split. kathryn? >> thank you, robi. president obama not wasting any time, ready to take on gun control. >> a local leader will join him in washington for today's big announcement, as well. our susie steimle is live at city hall plaza this morning for a closer look at the president's plan. good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn. we're at city hall plaza in boston, but mayor marty walsh will not be here today. he announced on twitter last night that he is headed to d.c. to support president obama's executive action on gun control. the president wanted to take action on gun control since the newton shootings took place and this will take place today. he's talkbag it at a white house event. dole dealers, including online and at gun shows, to be licensed and conduct background
6:33 am
it also changes federal privacy rules to keep people with mental health restrictions from buying guns. additionally, it will have the additional 230 employees will be hired to process background checks, as well. critics say it won't stop mass shootings. this is what the president had to say to that. . >> this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country. it's not going to prevent every mass shooting. it's not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal. it will potentially save lives. >> reporter: republicans, of course, saying that this action won't make any sort of progress and calling it unconstitutional. a number of those candidates said if they are elected, they would reverse this decision. live in boston, susie steimle, "wbz this morning." . >> thank you, susie. employees at the site of a terror attack last month are back to work. a memorial was held yesterday
6:34 am
killed at the social service center in san bernardino, california. author and pastor rick warren urged employees not to bottle up their grief and become bitter, instead, he said to accept help from others when they need it. a french satirical magazine is prepare mark the first anniversary a terror attack with defiance. tomorrow, charlie headlow will relation its latest edition with god and a gun on his shoulder. it reads, one year on, the assassin still at large. on january 7th last year, eight people were killed as islamic extremists targeted the magazine. 6:35 now. "t" riders braving the bitter cold and hoping for a smooth ride. this comes as the mbta is considering raising prices. how much are we talking about? nicole jacobs is live in quincy with the details. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: good morning to
6:35 am
i can fell you already this morning, mbta officials have tweeted out several cancellations they say because of problems with the track. it's unclear if those are weather-related, but nonetheless, cancellations as riders prepare to brace themselves for this winter's temperatures, some of the same temperatures that have crippled the "t" in months past, of course, last winter. of course, this adjustment comes as they try to digest the possibility of fare hikes. the transportation fiscal control board held a public meeting yesterday on the potential of 5 to 10 percent increases. needless to say, riders are not too pleased with having to consider the possibility, especially given the issues last winter, but hikes may be imminent. . >> the budget document that the control board has been working with assumes a 5 percent fare
6:36 am
so if in the end the board were to decide not to, they'd have to find saveings elsewhere in the budget. >> reporter: and if there are hikes, they would go into effect in july. we're live in quincy this morning, nicole jacobs, "wbz this morning." >> thank you, nicole. 6:37 now. whitey bulger's long time girlfriend is expected to plead guilty to new charges. catherine greig will admit to one count of con tent of court. she refuse teeth testify about other people who may have helped bulger during his time on the run. the two were captured in california back in 2011. she's currently serving eight years for helping bulger avoid capture. odd behavior from the man charged with carrying an arsenal of weapons outside gillette stadium. matthew bronson laughed during his arraignment. police found everything from a meat cleaver to swords to a stun gun in his car on new year's day. he's been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.
6:37 am
video of a police officer finding an abducted 3-year-old. police in albuquerque, new mexico were in a search for the girl after the mother's car was stolen with her inside. the officer's camera captured the moment when caroline leon was found in an empty parking lot. the child wasn't hurt. police are still searching for the suspect. there are new developments in the armed standoff at a national wildlife refuge in oregon. the father and son ranchers convicted of setting fire to federal land have turned themselves in. dwight and steve hammond reported to freeways begin a 5- year sentence. anti-government activists refuse to budge from the property. the group wants an investigation into whether the governments is forcing ranchers off their land. the so-called ainfluenza team and his mother in court today. they will appear for an extradition hearing. he was granted a temporary stay
6:38 am
extradition back to the u.s. his mother, already deported, will appear in court in los angeles. in other news this morning, china's stock market is downslightly this morning, that could lead to more problems for wall street, concerns over china's economy sparked a massive sell-off yesterday. the dow dropped more than 460 points, minutes after the opening bell. it recovered a bit, ending the day down 276 points yesterday, since the financial crisis. coming up next, the picture you to see this morning, the tv that rolls up like a newspaper. and nothing can trump his love for tom brady. what the republican frontrunner is saying about the qb now. and a local couple told they can't be foster parents because they believe in spanking. do you agree with that decision? it's our daily talker. good morning, danielle. >> good morning, everybody. checking in with weather watchers. thanks to all our weather watchers for getting up, especially on a morning like
6:39 am
taking snowfall measurements. we have brutal wind chills out there, too. 10 below in hampton, new hampshire. 12 below in worcester. below zero in tewks bury. we will have more coming up. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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it's kind of cool. there's now a hi-def tv you can roll up like a newspaper. >> all right. check it out. lg will debut this at this week's consumer electronics show in las vegas. this is one of the concepts visitors will see there, but it's not for sale yet. creators show how things are possible rather than actual consumer products you can buy. >> very thin. kind of cool. look to the future. we need to talk about the cold temperatures this morning. just -- it is -- it's downright frigid. in some places, danielle, they're seeing snow. >> yeah, so the ocean effect snow showers, you guys, on the cape and islands, continue through early afternoon. you want to be bundled up, that's for sure. checking with the weather bug network. holy family academy back in
6:42 am
that's without the wind factored in. the brooke school in north andover is at 4 degrees. newton north high school at 5 degrees. with the wind, we have subzero real-feel temperatures. it feels like 8 below zero in boston. one of coldest readings in new england rights now. 4 below in taunton. single digits on the cape. that's where the wind is strongest. we've been gusting over 30 miles an hour from proveinstown to nantucket, gusting to 44 miles per hour right now. actual temperatures in the single dmights a lot of spots. the coldest readings since the end of february. you can see the snow showers in effect from plymouth back down to the cape and islands, so, you zoom in here, it's really from the east side of ducksbury to brandt rock. the western fringe here to wareham. so, in some of the deeper blues, hugging the coastline of plymouth county, back down to the sag more and born bridges.
6:43 am
accumulating and mug around a lot with the wind. most of the reports on the cape and islands have been for generally a coating to an inch or two. there have been a couple of amounts higher than that. and there may be an additional coating to an inch in spots through early afternoon. so just take it slow. otherwise, clear skies across the region. any leftover flurries end by early afternoon. other than that, the weather is quiet across the northeast. there's a big area, a big ridge of high pressure buildening. that will provide us with the pretty quiet stretch through the middle and into the week. then we get the high to shift to the south. tomorrow will be a cold start, but we refound around 40 degrees by the afternoon. so, today, let's go through the real-feel forecast. we won't get out of subzero territory until mid-morning. then going to the late morning and midday, it's going to feel like it's in the single digits and teens, even at the warmest
6:44 am
that's what you want to be bundled up for. in the evening hours, the 20s and teens overnight tonight. it won't be quite as cold or as windy. the winds will shift to the southwest. we will drop back to 20 in boston as opposed to 8. and 12 to 18 in most of the suburbs. mostly sunny skies tomorrow, in fact, i don't think there will be a cloud in the sky and it won't be nearly as cold after a chilly start. we rebound to about 40 by tomorrow afternoon. myth-40s on thursday. this weekend will be unsettled. we watch a developing storm. same on sunday, it may be mixed across the far interior. a couple of flurries by monday. robi? >> yes, danielle, a disabled car causing problems now, south of the city. there is a broken down car on the expressway northbound at saabin hill.
6:45 am
columbia road to furnaceburg parkway. to the north, that earlier crash in wooburn at montvale a has 93 southbound backed up almost to andover. route 3 south is jammed between treble cove road. and 128 south, a strug free lynnfield to wooburn. and to the west, we had be earlier multicar crash. that's at route 27. we're not seeing a major delay there just yet. >> thank you, robi. 6:47 now. checking our top stories this morning, boston mayor marty walsh will be in washington today supporting president obama's move on gun control. >> the president is expected to use executive action, meaning he wants to bypass congress and require gun dealers to be licensed and conduct background checks, even at gun shows. he's also calling to change federal privacy rules to keep people with mental health
6:46 am
guns. battleground new england. donald trump rallied republicans in lowell with tough talk on immigration and repealing obama care. and bill clinton stumped for his wife in new hampshire. he refused to get into a war of words with trump but instead emphasized his wife's economic pitch to restore prosperity to the middle class. and tom brady says a sprained ankle won't keep him out of the team's first playoff game. he was hurt in the last game against miami. he had an mri and there is no major damage. country's next vice president? interesting question here. one donald trump supporter hopes so. he showed up in lowell with a t- shirt that caught the republican's eye. >> remember this, tom brady injured is still better than anybody else, okay? remember that. remember that. that is the coolest shirt. i've got to get one of those shirts. that is beautiful. i love that. i tell you what, he's a champ and he's a winner and that's what we need there n this country.
6:47 am
>> the pair are golf buddies. brady hopes there'd be a putting green on the white house lawn if trump is elected. time for the daily talker. a local couple again denied the chance to become foster parentst. >> the state's highest court upheld an earlier decision saying the couple could -- or shouldn't receive foster kids because of the way they've disciplined their own kids. robi is here with more on the story and your reaction. good morning, robi. >> good morning. greg and melanie have three natural children and wanted more. they applied to be foster parents, then told the state they sometimes discipline their children by spanking them. now, the massachusetts child welfare agency denied the request based on their use of corporal punishment. the couple explained this was in accordance with their christian faith. they say they only spank sparingly, didn't do it to humiliate them and promotioned
6:48 am
foster children. the department said no. yesterday, the state supreme judicial court upheld the ruling, sayening part the religious beliefs are outweighed by the state's interest in protecting foster children. reaction has been nearly man house in favor of the court's decision. david posted this on our facebook page, if parenting is done right from the start, spanking would not even be a thought. pamela was critical of the parents, writing they spank their kids and then hug them? yes, that makes sense. maybe someone should spank them and see how they like it. thanks for commenting. morning show. you can comment all day long. chris and chasm r kathryn? up next, mark zuckerberg's goals for 2016 and his special message for women. and the picture causing a
6:49 am
what do you see here? check the sc probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
6:50 am
start start he changed -- he changed the world of social media when he invented facebook. now he wants to build a personal assistant using artificial intelligence. he also wants to run 365 miles, which equals a mile a day. and when a grandmother posted
6:51 am
granddaughter to date the nerd, because he may be the next mark zuckerberg, the facebook ceo countered with don't date the nerd, be the nerd. >> i kind of love that. >> be the nerd. >> all right. actually, is it actually 366 because it's a leap year. >> for the running? he might. >> look at you counting the days. >> it is 6:54 now. looking at what's coming um at 7:00 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with nora o'donnell. >> good morning, chris and kathryn. ahead here, we're at the white house with president obama's plan for executive actions to curb gun violence. and olympic hurdler and bobsledder lo lo jones is here this morning.
6:52 am
oegh, boy a, debate online, about a dog. >> is it i dog? someone posted a picture on redit with the caption, somebody brought this bear into doggy day care. the owner claims this is a pomeranian, but not everybody buys it. some believe it's a bush dog, a rare animal found mostly in south america. >> adork! >> it's adorable. >> and smiling. >> so happy. >> like cheese, take the picture.
6:53 am
>> i think it's cute. >> cute either way. bear, dog, whatever. >> both of your dogs are the most photogenic dogs ever. >> especially tucker. >> thank you. >> he has the look, the smile. >> i'm convinced dogs smile. >> they definitely do. take it slow from plymouth to the cape. we have areas of ocean effect to taper through midday. it's all about the cold today. look at the rebound tomorrow, back around 40. that will feel nice. >> it will feel real nice. cbs this morning is up next. see you in 25 minutes.
6:54 am
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